First Impressions

I generally start my weeks sitting alone in a big ole stone church spending most of the morning telling myself not to go down to the kitchen and raid the stash of Sunday fellowship hour cookies while checking email/facebook/ Then I open up both bible and pandora browsers to start planning next week’s worship service, picking hymns to match a sermon I have yet to even dream up. It is then that I remember I should post this past week’s sermon on the church website, but on Sunday I forgot to write down the edits I made while preaching so that my printed manuscript no longer really reflects what I said. What did I say again? This is when I notice the grumble belly. I know I should have eaten breakfast because it is the most important meal of the day and all healthy people know you have to eat breakfast, but I hate breakfast and most breakfast foods and I know that someone will take me to lunch at Steak and Shake shortly, so if I can avoid those packages of cookies for another hour, I’ll be all set. There are meetings and visits and events happening throughout the week, but mostly I get through each day with a ton of prayer and diet cokes and suddenly it is Saturday night again and I am waiting, waiting, waiting for the kid to go to bed because I’ve got a sermon to finish,okay fine, I still have yet to start. Whatever, it was a busy week of meetings and visits and events, and besides the Spirit moves in my house in last minute spurts, so don’t raise that eyebrow at me (she says to herself). God shows up in my bedroom late, late at night as I type on my falling apart laptop, and again on Sunday morning when things magically come together during the service. The songs somehow fit and children listen to their message and and no one throws tomatoes at me up in the pulpit and no middle schoolers fall off the balcony and God is praised in a very honest and real way and the community worships. I am standing by the door sweating, er, greeting people and chatting so long that the cookies are all gone by the time I get to fellowship hour. NOOOOOOO!!!!!! I go home and take a day to lay on my couch and watch HGTV and West Wing reruns and get at it all again the next week. I’m only five weeks in to this “professional ministry” thing, but so far, it’s pretty great, and real, and full of food. So I think I’ll buy some larger pants and stay a while.

Thanks be to God. Yay!


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