These are not the shoes of a volleyball line judge.


These are the favorite red preaching shoes of a new pastor who doesn’t know better than to bring a change of clothes or at least a more comfortable pair of shoes to her kid’s volleyball game which is immediately after Sunday fellowship hour because she may get called on by the coach to fill in and help out even though she doesn’t know the rules of volleyball except for what she has watched at the olympics and oh by the way how do you get to be a judge in the olympics because maybe she could one day do that and finally fulfill her childhood dream of being an olympian and would she still get to sing along to the anthem and did you hear Araiana Grande sing the national anthem at the NFL kickoff the other day because she was so great and no one really gives her much credit for being a singer but she’s pretty talented especially now that she’s not using that horrible voice she used on that kids show whatever it was called and hey we haven’t watched that channel in a long time I wonder if we have that channel still and….. oh, what was I talking about? My feet hurt.


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