And what do you do?

One of the super fun things about being a pastor and being a young-ish, female, not-what-people-think-of-as-a-pastor kind of pastor is that you get to surprise people regularly by telling them what you “do”. It’s often a rather hilarious discovery, because they’re embarrassed that they cursed in front of you (and a pastor has never heard or said those words!). And then other times it’s awkward and horrible, like when you’re on a plane sitting next to a chatty granny reading a Joel Osteen book. I’ve decided I should keep a running list of the best, “What?! You’re a PASTOR!?” moments I rack up.

So far my favorite pastor reveal reactions include the lady at the front desk of the Y who didn’t know what to clearly didn’t think that pastors worked out, the middle schooler who was all full of sass when asking, “why you wanna do that??” and by far the best one, the mom who witnessed my kid, um, giving me some critical feedback, yeah, let’s go with that, who walked up and asked me, “you want me to beat her ass for you?”

Seriously, you should have seen the look on that mom’s face…


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