Activists and organizations have come to St Louis from all over to be a part of protests, marches, acts of civil disobedience, lectures, worship services, trainings, panel discussions and meetings. We, this gal and many other beloved new, local friends and colleagues, are participating in as much as we can and soaking in the conversation, while also doing our jobs and taking care of our congregations and families. I have many thoughts, but while I work some of them out, let me leave you with some photos and links for where to follow for more info. Praying for justice! Praying for peace!

fergusonoctoberrally3 fergusonoctoberrally fergusonoctoberrally2 fergusonoctoberrally4

ferguson5 ferguson4 ferguson3 ferguson2

Some folks I’m following on twitter for what’s happening in Ferguson and STL right now:
@millennialAU – local young leaders
@fergusonoctober – official event page
@blacklivesmatter – national organization
@mcustlouis – local community organizing group
@rlippmann – local reporter
@valeriehann – local reporter
@reverendstarsky – local pastor
@tefpoe – local musician and activist


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