A litany of light on Christmas Eve

Tonight at Oak Hill, we had a service of lessons and carols. Then Alan, our parish associate, and I offered this litany to begin the candlelight sharing to end the service. When I got home and unpacked, got the kid tucked into bed, I read about things that happened in our city today- so much violence and too many shootings. One in my friend’s church parking lot. Then I saw images of riot police guarding the Basilica before midnight mass. I couldn’t bring myself to wrap my kid’s gifts. I didn’t want to celebrate Christmas. I wanted to stay in Advent. So I reread these words. Just to myself. A few times over. Because I need the reminder that the light indeed shines in the darkness. It won’t be overcome. And I will seek that light. I will bear witness to it, wherever I see it, even within the darkness. Jesus Christ is born today. Today. Hallelujah! Amen.

Candlelight Litany- OHPC Christmas Eve Worship 2014

Erin: The light shines in the darkness and the darkness did not overcome it.
(this verse repeated by each of the evening’s 9 readers, seated where they are throughout the sanctuary)
Erin: The light shines in the darkness and the darkness did not overcome it.
Alan: When darkness covered the face of the deep, God said “Let there be light”
Erin: And God said the light was good.
Alan: And the people who walked in the darkness, they could see the light. And the light shone upon them.
Erin: Then the light shone upon her. She could see the light. She watched it grow within her.
Alan: And she rejoiced.
Erin: That light, that night, the Word became flesh. And that child, born to be light for us all, to shine throughout the world and give us hope.
Alan: The light is here! Shout for joy!
Erin: Christ is born! Sing hallelujah!
Alan: Emmanuel, God with us.
Erin: This is night that the light is born for all of us. And the darkness, our darkness, has been overcome.
Alan: For God’s light has entered the world.
Erin: For God’s hope has entered the world.
Alan: For God’s love has entered the world.
Erin: Take now, this light, sent from the heavens, for you, and let it brighten your heart.
Alan: Then pass that light, and let it shine for another to see, share it for another to feel.
Alan: And let God’s light and love fill this place.
Erin: Let God’s light and love fill each of us.


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