The book is here!

imageI’m supposed to be writing my sermon.

For tomorrow.

For preaching tomorrow.

I’m supposed to be writing a sermon for preaching tomorrow in front of smart, faithful people who trust and respect me enough to pay me to stand up in front of them on a regular basis and talk about the stuff I see in the bible.

And it’s late.

Oh, I am SO supposed to be writing my sermon.

But the book came today.

The book came today with my little story in it and my name in it and some words I wrote months and months ago printed in it, that I can touch and hold and sniff and show to my loves-to-write kid. The kid who dreams of one day holding a book of her own with her name in it.

The book came today.

The book with stories about and by my sisters, my peers, my mentors, my friends, my heroes. The book of their moments, which are also totally my moments.

So I’m laying in bed, under a mountain of bible commentaries and sermon aides, not writing my sermon, but reading the book. Reading The Book.

Laughing. Cringing. Sobbing.

I’m 36 pages in, and somehow it is both too much and not nearly enough. These women. These brilliant, bold, faithful, hilarious women. I’ve followed, lurked, stalked, and visited on some of them for years, through the adventures of the RevGalBlogPals. Others I’m just discovering right now. But this book. Something about holding their lives, their moments, their callings, their words, in my hands.

I can’t put them down.

But I have a sermon to write. And they’re not going anywhere.

This book. Oh, this book.

There’s a Woman in the Pulpit is a collection of stories and experiences shared by more than 50 clergywomen representing 14 denominations. We met and connected online, by doing just that- sharing our stories. What was once a blog ring is now a thriving site where clergywomen and clergywomen supporters gather to share stories, advice, prayer requests, best practices, theological reflections, practical resources, and ministry ideas. This book is now available for purchase through Amazon, and Barnes and Noble. 

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