Holy Tuesday

I didn’t sleep last night. My mind wouldn’t rest. My worries wouldn’t lay down. My wonderings wouldn’t grow weary.

Sleepily, I went to be with a dear friend in the hospital this morning, as she waited through her husband’s surgery. As I walked in, police were walking a man out in shackles and chains. Real ones. The sound of it shook me.

I made it through the series of desks, hallways and elevators to the waiting room, only to be greeted by images of violence and death in Belgium on the tv screen.
There will be NO rushing to Easter this week. 
We will walk through every bit of the reality of our world this week. Every ugly moment of it. That seems certain.
Help us, O Lord, to not be afraid to look at this life we are living. To look at the systems we’ve created. To look into the belly of evil, death and hate. The evil, death and hate that only your love can conquer. And help us to cling to you while we walk and while we wait.