Getting Up Today

So, I read the news each morning on my phone, under the covers, before I even think about getting out of bed. That makes mornings like this one, reading about the massacre in Aleppo and another frightening appointment to the “administration” being built in our names, well, it makes it so on these mornings I can’t imagine any good will come from me leaving the safety and joy of my bed cocoon.

I really need to start getting out of bed before checking my phone.

Because today, just so I could will myself to sit up, I had to remind myself, out loud, that I worship a God who shows up in unexpected places and who does not give up on us. I had to remind myself that I live in a community where people go out and literally put their bodies on the line for justice for their neighbors. I had to remind myself that I live with a kid, who while fully living into her total teenagernes, also still bakes cookies as presents for the teachers at her city public school.

Today I did manage to get up and out of bed. And I got out of bed knowing the world is a hot, dangerous mess. Worried about problems that seem too big to begin to address. But remembering there are flashes and flickers of hope, justice, and joy all around. I got up in the confidence that smart passionate people I know and love and trust are working on projects and programs and issues to help one another. I got up because if they’re going to get to work, I’m gonna have their back. I got up because I need my kid to see me get up and face this hate and ugliness and evil and to fight with joy and passion and laughter and hard, slow methodical work. I got up because I know we will keep getting up. I got up because Mary got up, and Elizabeth, too. Because the Woman at the Well got up. And so did Hagar. She got back up a lot. I got up because mamas in Aleppo had to get up today, too. I got up because mamas in my neighborhood got up too. And I got up because I believe Jesus keeps getting up. I got up because I hope that God is birthing a new love into this world all over again this Christmas. I swear, in my better moments I can feel that happening. (I need to remember that feeling on my worser moments.) I got up because of all the new understandings and passions God has given me over the past couple of years. I got up because I believe we are being giving new and newer understandings of what that born-brand-new-again Jesus love means. I got up because I am counting on a God to give me strength and hope and courage and commitment and faith to keep getting up.

I got up. With God. To get to work. Despite what the news on my phone says. Because of what the news on my phone says. And I got to work.

(Well, I got a huge hot chocolate and a pumpkin muffin first, because, you need strength for this work, duh. But then, you know, after that, I got at the work.)

God help us keep getting up and getting at it.



NaBloPoMo, Oh No!

Okay, so that whole writing a thing every day just didn’t work for me.

Also, the election totally and completely messed me up.

For a good long while.

But I am getting back at it. Slowly.

But still, a little feel like Lego, my sister’s dog.

FullSizeRender (9).jpg

More soon. Maybe….