There is just so much.

Friends, there is much.
And I am praying.
(Working at the bits I can…)
And praying.
Because there is so much.
And I choose to love.
To love hard.
To love wide.
To love fierce.
And with near reckless abandon.
To love with awkward conversations and probably too many words.
To love with that song my mama taught me to sing.
To love with ears open to listen for your truth.
To love with a pocket full of Cheetos and a tank full of gas.
To love with my claws out and my boots laced and ready.
And with all my elected officials’ phone numbers on speed dial.
To love with a heart that has been completely smashed, but also kinda mended.
To love in the middle of the story of that week when all went wrong and wrong and wrong.
And to love in knowing that it was eventually made right.
So I’m gonna work and listen and learn and try to keep choosing to love. And love. And love.
There is much.
But I keep kinda thinking…love is that much more.

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