Maundy Thursday

A reflection for Maundy Thursday ecumenical neighborhood worship.
(Read: John 13:1-17, 31b-35)  
Have love for one another.

If you have love for one another.

They will know.

That you are with me.

That you are a part of me.

Because I’m going on. To do something new. Oh, I’ll still love you to the end, but it’s going to look different for a bit.

All these days. All this time. I’ve been loving you.

In the beginning as a source of life, as a presence in trouble, as the good that could not be overcome.

In a time, made of flesh and bone, of blood and tears, of life like yours, made to dwell and with you abide, to walk in glory, glory in sandals, in a manager, in town, down the road, on the sea, into the city, in the homes of the dirty, at tables with the improper, on the path of justice, filled with healing and truth, to share with you and with them and with all those folks who you’ve been taught to reject.

My love looked different.
Because it was different.
And soon it will be different, still.

So go ahead.
Talk with folks you’re supposed to ignore. Eat with those who you’re supposed to despise. Break the rules which were designed to protect you from the things you were taught to fear. Stand in love. Work for justice. Promote a new peace. Forgive and love some more. Let me help you. And heal you. And then go out again. Tell them our story. Help and heal others. Yes. Really. Go.

And if you make mistakes, oh, you will make mistakes, but look, I know.

I mean, I washed Judas’ feet tonight, right?
And I washed yours, too.
It’s OKAY.
I love you still.
And I’ll love you to the end. I will fill you. I will feed you. I will see you. I will listen for you. I will help you. I will heal you. I will journey with you.
I will love you.
I will love you.
I will love you.

I will love you to the end.
So don’t be afraid.
Love. And love. And love.
Go ahead, now…


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