Call to Worship: Psalm 124

Here’s the Call to Worship I wrote for this Sunday (Proper 21 B, 9/30/18). Please feel free to use in your own worship service.

CALL TO WORSHIP                                                                      Inspired by Psalm 124

One: If God had not been with us-
Many: this world would have swallowed us up alive.
One: The anger, corruption, violence, and greed-
Many: would have overcome us, flooded us in, and drown us completely.
One: If God had not been by our side-
Many: If God had not held us through our struggles,
One: known us in our trials,
Many: embraced us in this mess,
One: defended us against the enemy,
Many: and loved us all the way,
One: If God had not been with us-
Many: we would have been lost to this world.
One: But the Lord is here,
Many: and the Lord is with us,
One: and so we are strong,
Many: and so we endure
One: and so we escape,
Many: and so we survive,
One: and so we hold on to hope,
Many: and so we keep believing,
One: and so we praise God.
Many: Our help is in the name of the Lord.
One: Our hope is in the name of our God!