About Me

Erin Counihan is somewhat reverend. Kinda. Her mom really likes the title and sends Erin mail sometimes just to be able to address her as Rev. But mostly, Erin is a new pastor at a small and completely awesome church in St. Louis who likes to write about her experiences and thoughts and happenings to keep friends and family and trolling perfect strangers updated on things. She blogged through her prior adventures in disaster recovery work in Mississippi and through that magically awkward time known as Seminary. Erin has an apartment, a kid, a dog, and now a lawnmower! She has degrees from schools and likes to do things and hobbies. She would rather watch the movie than read the book but she knows that educated people are supposed to like books so she sucks it up and reads the stinking book. Eventually. Sometimes. Well, the good ones, at least. She reads the news and writes little funnies about it on the twitter sometimes (@erincounihan).
Mostly she just loves God a whole heck of a lot and is super glad God loves her.  Even when she is a hot mess. Even when she has screwed up royally. Even when she is a bad minister or parent or sister or friend. Even when she is writing another bio about herself in the third person. Even when she sleeping in and binging on Cheetos. (She is also pretty sure that if Jesus was around these days, he’d love Cheetos, too.)  She knows that kind of love can do incredible things in the world because she’s seen it, and so she works every day to be a part of that love, of God’s love in action.


I've heard that pastors aren't supposed to smash stuff. But, what do they do, then, when  someone eats the last of the potluck mac and cheese???

I’ve heard that pastors aren’t supposed to smash stuff. But, what do they do then, when someone eats the last of the potluck mac and cheese???


One thought on “About Me

  1. You and Teresa are doing what some of us cannot for various reasons, valid or not. Thanks for that — you’re witnessing for many!


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