Liturgy and Worship Resources

Look, solo pastors have a lot to do. Sometimes you need a quick prayer, or confession, or skit to make worship work, but you don’t have time to write them. Happens to me, often. So, I’m all about sharing that stuff. Here are some worship pieces I’ve created. Feel free to use them, or adapt them, or play with them to inspire your own creativity. We’re all in this together, friends.

I write the Thursday Prayer for the RevGalsBlogPals website each week. You can find those here.

Recent worship bulletins and sermons are available at under “News and Happenings”.

Calls to Worship/Prayers/ Confession Communion Liturgy Special Events/Services
 A whole bunch of Calls to Worship Communion Liturgy – Year C-  World Communion Sunday Oct. 2, 2016

World Communion Sunday- Year A- Oct. 1, 2017
Communion Liturgy World Communion Sunday 2017 

An interactive reading of “Doubting Thomas” (John 20:19-31) for Holy Humor Sunday.
Prayers of the presbytery, written for the Feb 2017 Giddings-Lovejoy Presbytery Gathering Communion Liturgy (18C)

Sept. 4, 2016

Service of wholeness and healing
(Based on Advent 2A)
Matthew 15:21-18
 Communion Liturgy – Easter 2017 Prayer Card Art for All Saints Day
 Opening Prayer Psalm 62
This opening prayer was written for worship at our Presbytery Gathering on 8/31/2017.
 Communion Liturgy Epiphany 2017 Service as Worship Sunday
Worship Bulletin
CALL TO WORSHIP Adapted from Psalm 100  A Litany of Light for Christmas Eve.
Also, an advent candle lighting liturgy for Year A.  Advent Candle Lighting Liturgy Year A (2016)
Easter Morning Poem for worship (Based on John 20)
Palm to Passion Sunday -Lessons and Songs, a worship service for Palm Sunday (Year A)
Big Tent Commmunity Worship at Oak Hill: Full worship service leader’s guide
The full liturgy for the Presbytery Gathering Worship: 
PGL Worship Leaders Guide Nov. 4 2017

More to come….this page is under construction….